Where are you located?

The original practice is at Mediclinic Sandton (North block) in Bryanston, with a newer, larger site across the road in Bryanston Gate office park. Most appointments can be booked at either of our two practices, with any of the three audiologists.

What are your operating hours?

The practice is open from 7:30-17:00 Monday to Thursday, and until 15:00 on Fridays.

How do I make an appointment?

Call 011 4634639, emailĀ info@sandtonhearing.co.za to make an appointment.

What can I expect from my first consultation and how long will the appointment be?

An initial consultation is approximately one hour, and the results are available and discussed immediately.

A full diagnostic test is conducted, with ample time to allow for an optimal understanding of your medical and audiological history. Dizziness and balance assessments are approximately two hours in duration.

Can you test any age?

Yes, we can test from newborn.

Do you charge medical aid rates?

We charge private rates, but your medical aid should reimburse you for 70-80% of the final bill. We request that you settle upfront and then claim back from your medical aid afterwards.

How much do hearing instruments cost?

There is a broad range of technology, ranging from entry level to top end technology. It is recommended that you discuss your lifestyle requirements and budget with the audiologist during your appointment.

We recommend that you discuss the tax implications of your hearing aid fitting with your tax advisor, who may be able to assist you in obtaining refunds where appropriate.

How much do medical aids pay for hearing instruments?

This varies from each medical aid, depending on your plan, savings type and the time of year. We suggest that you contact your medical aid for hearing aid benefits options, before the first appointment.

Is there a trial period for hearing instruments?

Yes, we offer a hearing instrument evaluation period of about one week per set of hearing instruments. There is a nominal fee involved for the programming and loan of hearing instruments.

What support do you offer following a hearing instrument purchase?

We welcome follow-up appointments. The technology used for the programming and verification of the hearing instruments is so precise, that once you are comfortable with your choice of hearing instruments, only one or two follow-ups are usually required.

Thereafter you are welcome to pop in for supplies, or assistance with cleaning. We recommend an annual audiogram, service and reprogramming of the hearing instruments to allow for optimal settings year after year.

The audiologists at Sandton Hearing & Balance are proud members of
the South African Association of Audiologists (SAAA )