Hearing aid myths vs truths

Many people have false perceptions about hearing aids. Many of these are based on their parents’ experience with hearing aids, often many years ago. Technology has come a long way in the last ten years, and the hearing aid companies are working constantly on research to improve technology.

Consider where computers were just ten years ago. Hearing aids have come along the same trajectory. They are essentially tiny, ear level, personalized computers that are programmed for your precise hearing loss and ear canal shape. The technology and programming process is fascinating.

Here are some common myths are truths about hearing aids:

MYTH: “Hearing aids whistle.”

TRUTH: They used to. Not anymore. If your hearing aids whistle, they need to be reprogrammed by your audiologist.


MYTH: “Hearing aids just make background noise louder.”

TRUTH: Hearing aids are incredible, small, personalized computers. They have sophisticated noise management systems to support you in noisy listening situations.

MYTH: “I can buy cheaper hearing aids online.”

TRUTH: The sale of hearing aids is legally restricted to hearing care professionals in South Africa. Buying medical devices online is not a good idea as they need to be programmed precisely for you


MYTH: “Hearing aids are extremely expensive.”

TRUTH: Yes they are. However, there are hearing aids at every price point to suit every budget, and it is worthwhile having an open discussion with your audiologist about the costs involved. Hearing aids are often tax deductible, as SARS considers hearing loss to be a ‘disability’. Medical aids often have a hearing aid benefit that you can utilize. Many audiologists have donated hearing aids available, and then there are payment plans to consider. Consider the value you place on your hearing. If you use them daily, for 8 hours per day, for 5 years, to improve your hearing… what single electronic device could give you that much value for money?


MYTH: “Hearing aids will make me feel old.”

TRUTH: People who use hearing aids are more responsive and feel more confident that someone with untreated hearing loss.


MYTH: “Hearing aids are ugly.”


It is a big decision. We offer hearing aid evaluation periods where you can borrow a set of hearing aids that are programmed precisely for you, so that you can experience what they feel like, look like and sound like before committing to the idea.

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