Are you ready to recharge…?

Many people who use hearing aids find changing disposable batteries to be a fumbled event.

  • They stash batteries all over the house, the office and the car, just in case the batteries run low before an important meeting.
  • They find battery stickers in their hair.
  • They drop a new battery and spend ten minutes combing the carpet to find it.
  • Then of course, there is the risk that swallowing disposable batteries pose to pets and young children.
  • Then, there is the environmental burden that comes from recycling used disposable batteries.

Well, now disposable batteries are becoming a thing of the past.

At Sandton Hearing & Balance, we are pleased to offer rechargeable hearing aid solutions from every supplier, and at every price point. 

The rechargeable batteries are lithium-ion, meaning that they are resilient, robust, and they are covered by the 3 year warrantee period that accompanies most new hearing aid purchases. It means never having to change a battery again. Never having to buy a battery again. Simply put them onto charge each night while you sleep.

Rechargable hearing aids

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Watch this 8 minute informative video if you would like more information about rechargeable hearing solutions:

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