Not wearing your hearing aids? Here’s what to do…

Are your hearing aids gathering cobwebs? Many people with hearing aids are tending to use their hearing aids less often due to quieter social lives and working from home. Here’s what to do to remedy the situation:

1. Ditch the guilt

Guilt is not a helpful emotion 😉

2. Get them fixed

Drop your hearing aids off with us for a service, then you can rest at ease knowing that all the electronic components are working as they should.

3. Get them reprogrammed

A repeat hearing test and reprogramming of your hearing aids will bring them back up to full function and make sure they are giving you the benefit that you need.

4. Motivate yourself

If wearing your hearing aids is a choice for you, know that by using them consistently you are stimulating your auditory pathways in your brain, and simultaneously fending off cognitive deterioration. Set yourself small targets and celebrate your successes.
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