When the TV is loud, but isn’t clear

4 tips to try…

The fun of watching TV can really be reduced when you can’t hear the dialogue. There’s no surer way to tick off family members than constantly asking “what did he say?” during their favourite TV show. Battling to hear the TV can make a relaxing activity feel a lot like hard work.

Many people with hearing loss find that even though the TV may be loud enough, it’s still not clear. This is because hearing loss normally affects the high frequencies which changes clarity (not volume). Here are some things to try to make the TV clearer:

1. Use technology

First, if you have hearing aids, get them reprogrammed with an annual check with us. There are also TV devices which you can get from our practice which can stream TV sound directly into your hearing aids. We can loan these out to you if you want to experience them.

TV play

2. Check your settings

See if you can access the bass and treble audio settings on your TV. If you can increase the treble to its maximum it can give you slightly more clarity.

bass and treble

3. Use your eyes

Activate the subtitles option on your TV. All modern televisions are built with support for subtitles, or ‘closed captioning’. Although it can be distracting initially, it can be a help for TV shows that contain a lot of punchy dialogue.


4. Check your ears

If it’s been a while since your last hearing test, come and see us for a repeat hearing test.


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