Tanya Hanekom

Tanya is the founder director of the practice, an audiologist with eleven years of experience in private practice. Tanya consults in the mornings as she is a mom of two young boys but she still takes on new patients as she loves finding solutions to hearing problems. Her passion lies in hearing aid programming with verification as she enjoys solving difficult hearing aid fittings. She also enjoys conducting vestibular assessments because of the amount of time we are able to dedicate to taking detailed medical history and unpacking complicated symptoms to find a diagnosis.Tanya obtained her undergraduate qualification from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2006 and Masters degree in Communication Pathology from the University of Pretoria in 2014.

Margot Walters

Margot joined the team in 2012, and she consistently demonstrates kindness and attention to detail. Margot completed her undergraduate degree from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2010 and went on to complete her Masters degree in Audiology from the same university in 2015, in the field of vestibular testing, as Margot loves solving the puzzles and patterns that present in the area of dizziness and balance disorders. Margot works Wednesdays to Fridays to allow her time at home with her young son. Margot’s understanding of paediatric audiology has broadened since becoming a parent herself and she loves working with families of children with hearing loss.


Lindsay Gray

Lindsay has been an integral part of the team since May 2016. She completed her community service year in 2015 after obtaining her bachelor in Communication Pathology in Audiology (with distinction) from the University of Pretoria and has recently completing her Masters degree in Audiology, in the field of Single Sided Deafness (SSD) from the University of the Witwatersrand.

Lindsay enjoys paediatric audiology because of the magic required to draw reliable responses from our youngest patients. She also enjoys auditory brainstem testing and vestibular testing which allows for deep diagnostic work with her patients. 


Christina Kourie

Christina Kourie joined the practice in August 2018, with an interest in gaining experience in deeper diagnostic audiology work.

She brought with her a wealth of experience in hearing aids, and she has thoroughly enjoyed broadening her knowledge in the areas of vestibular testing, paediatric assessments, tinnitus counselling and auditory processing.

Christina has just completed her Masters degree at the University of the Witwatersrand with a fellowship from SANTHE, in the field of Health Communications.


Danielle Cleary

Danielle joined the practice in December 2018 to supplement the newborn hearing screening program in the maternity and NNU wards in the hospital. Danielle graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2013. She consults with us on Mondays and Tuesdays and she has become skilled in auditory processing, vestibular assessments, and paediatric assessments. She also has a wealth of knowledge in hearing aid technology and software, which she couples with her bright and cheerful manner with which she interacts with her patients.


Bianka Niebuhr

Bianka joined the practice in March 2019, after completing her community service year in 2018. Although the newest graduate in the team, Bianka has already completed her masters degree in audiology through the University of Pretoria. Bianka is skilled in hearing aid programming and verification and she is quickly gaining experience in paediatric, vestibular and auditory brainstem testing. She experiences deep empathy with her patients and strives to make every appointment a memorable one.


Administrative Staff

Florence Otieno

Florence joined our practice in 2016 as the receptionist and today she is the Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) at the Mediclinic Sandton branch. She handles all appointments, billing, hearing instrument processing, orders and repairs. Florence has a wealth of experience in medical reception work having worked at orthopaedic surgery, cardiothoracic surgery and wound clinic amongst others. Originally from Kenya, Florence has been living in Johannesburg since 2006.

Valen Webster

Valen joined our team in July 2019 to fill the role of Accounts Manager. Valen deals with the medical aids, resolves queries and follows up on bad debt. Valen is also the warm presence of receptionist at our Bryanston Gate branch.

Irshaad Walljee-Louw

Irshaad joined the practice in January 2019, with the primary purpose of conducting the administration of the newborn hearing screening program which we run in the hospital. Irshaad also manages the day-to-day operations behind the scenes which are necessary to keep the practice running optimally.

The audiologists at Sandton Hearing & Balance are proud members of
the South African Association of Audiologists (SAAA )