What to expect at your vestibular assessment (VNG)

Dizziness has got to be one of the worst feelings. Many people have felt dizzy before and I’m sure it’s not a feeling anyone would wish to relive. At Sandton Hearing and Balance we know that you are probably feeling awful when you come for a vestibular assessment. That is why we try to make the assessment as tolerable as possible. We allow ample time for you to tell your story and for you to take breaks during the assessment if necessary.

What is a VNG?

A VNG is an assessment of the vestibular organ located in the inner ear. It assesses the integrity of the vestibular system in order to determine whether there is a pathology or if there is asymmetry between the two ears.

Due to the fact that there are so many different causes of dizziness, a VNG helps to narrow down the possibilities by either ruling out inner ear pathology or indicating that the inner ear is the site of pathology. This helps guide the doctor in his/her management of your dizziness.

Why would you have a VNG?

Most people seen for a VNG assessment have been referred by a doctor but you are welcome to come by self-referral too. A VNG can be performed for anyone who is currently dizzy or anyone who has experienced dizziness in the past. Some cases are easier to diagnose when the dizzy spell has happened recently, however it is possible to identify damage to the vestibular system that happened many years ago.

Due to the close relationship between hearing and balance, we often perform a hearing test as well as a balance test during the VNG assessment. The balance part of the assessment aims to put pressure on your vestibular system to see if we can record any abnormal eye movement. You will be asked to perform different activities while wearing a pair of videonystagmography (VNG) goggles which will record your eye movement. Abnormal eye movement is usually suggestive of an imbalance between vestibular systems. Some of these activities might make you feel a little dizzy but for most people the dizziness is short lived and well tolerated.

After the assessment we will write up a comprehensive report for your doctor. We can also assist with appropriate referrals to other specialists if necessary.


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